Female athletes shine under pressure

At just 32, Shayna Ng gives pearls of wisdom away just like an athlete extraordinaire who retires after decades of successful competition. Her list of wins and titles is nothing short of that. “We have to trust in the process. We have to trust that all the hard work we put in the end will eventually pay off.”

She captured Singapore’s first gold medal at the World Bowling Women’s Championships in 2015 and won her first Professional Women’s Bowling Association title at the 2018 PWBA Las Vegas Open. The magazine Forbes chose her for the Asian 30 Under 30 Class of 2019 in the category Entertainment & Sport.

Bowling has taught me critical life skills

Shayna has been bowling for 15 years, which is half of her life. Forbes says, “Shayna Ng puts Singapore on the world map through bowling.” She says, “It’s an honour to represent and fly the Singapore flag high.” In return, she was named Singapore’s Sportswoman of the Year in 2014 & 2016 and received the prestigious Singapore Youth Award in 2017.

“Bowling has taught me patience and confidence. It has taught me discipline and routine. It has taught me resilience and tenacity.” Shayna is very passionate about encouraging women to pursue the sport of their dreams.

You have to lose graciously

She is adamant that just because you are not on the podium today, this does not mean that you are a loser. You learn and grow in countless ways on the journey.  Shayna has also been through many ups and downs in her career. But she always came back. “Sports builds your character.” That is a critical life skill she does not want any woman to miss.

In this video, she explains where women have an advantage over men in bowling and allows us to relive some of the decisive moments in the history of women’s bowling.

“We have created a very efficient game for ourselves… Let’s show the world what we’ve got!”


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