Lausanne, Switzerland

November 18, 2020


International Bowling Federation (IBF) Teams Up With ShePower Sport To Connect Women Athletes And Foster The Women’s Game

With equality and athlete welfare taking top priority in the federation’s goals going forward, IBF has teamed with ShePower Sport, an organisation that endeavours to support female athletes to perform at their best and connect them with sports industry specialists and resources.

The ShePower Sport platform provides a safe space to ask questions and tell one’s story to like-minded athletes across the globe, to share success models, to receive peer advice, information and skills. Through this virtual community of athletes, sports industry experts and professionals, IBF hopes to gain the knowledge to break the barriers that surround women’s sport. The federation also wants to call upon their successful  female athletes to share their own stories on this platform and help inspire other women athletes all around the globe.

IBF CEO Andrew Oram says “The sport of bowling is lucky to benefit from an already thriving women’s game and an excellent pool of current and future female athlete role models. However this success must not cause us to become complacent on the issue as the gender gap between male and female athletes across sports still needs vast improvement. By partnering with ShePower Sport we are excited to connect our female athletes from all around the globe to the vast range of sports experts that are a part of the ShePower Sport community. We hope this connection gives our female athletes a head start to apply their knowledge and seek solutions to any potential challenges they may face.”

Oram continued “We are further excited to be able to offer our elite female athletes as role models for the platform, not only providing them with a global sports stage on which to share their story but also allowing them to give back to the sports community and hopefully inspire a new generation of powerful, successful, female athletes and sportswomen.”

The carefully selected ShePower Sport experts are qualified in sports medicine and science, anti-doping, and athlete welfare and can provide comprehensible practical information.

“Women are bound to transform sports,” believes Yoko Dozono, ShePower Sports Co­ Founder and former athlete. “IBF as an international federation embraces their role in the change that sport is undergoing”, adds Dr. Katharina Grimm, the other Co-Founder. Both are inspired by the athleticism, determination, and passion of the female bowling athletes who will feature on the platform to launch the collaboration.


About ShePower Sport

ShePower Sport believes that the rise of women in sport is about confidence. Confidence that their success makes sport more inspiring, colourful, convincing, and powerful. On the interactive, user-centered platform, female athletes at all levels of performance can ask questions, tell their story, and share peer advice. Experts give practical tips on health, performance, clean sport, and integrity.


The International Bowling Federation represents member federations and bowlers from across the world. At the heart of what we do, uniting us all, is our mission to connect the world with the greatness of bowling.

Connecting further, faster, for all. Ninepin, Tenpin, academy, para, male, female, young, old; whoever you are, wherever you come from, our sport crosses cultures. Truly inclusive, united by a passion for bowling, we bring the world closer together by innovating our sport with technology and data.

Championing the best of bowling. Guardians of our sport, we show bowling at its best. By removing the complexity and barriers to play, without compromising the integrity of our sport.

IBF is the International governing body for the sport of Tenpin, Ninepin and Para Bowling representing five continental zones and 114 member federations.

IBF was recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1979 as the world governing body for the sport of Bowling and by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in 2019 for Para Bowling.




  • Behind ShePower Sport are two sport medical professionals, Yoko Dozono and Katharina Grimm. With their combined global sporting background, some of which include Director of Medical affairs at Aspetar, member of Medicine & Science at World Anti-Doping Agency, heading the FIFA medical office, and an international level athlete, they are strong advocates for clean sports and female athletes’ health and rights.