Karen Leach - expert by lived experience

Today, she is one of the leading voices against sexual abuse and harassment in sport across the world. As a child, Karen was a talented swimmer with strong aspirations and a realistic chance of representing Ireland at the Olympic Games. Then, everything changed.

Since the publication of her story in the book Deep Deception, Irelands Swimming Scandals,  Karen has been speaking out against sexual abuse in sport and advocating on behalf of athletes.

She is working to increase awareness and encourage safer spaces for athletes. To that end, she works regularly with national and international organizations, both in advisory and public speaking capacities.

Karen is an accredited psychotherapist. Through this avenue, she has been able to help and support others, including those who have suffered abuse.

At the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires, Karen spoke at the first ever Olympism in Action forum. She used the opportunity to educate athletes and entourage members.

Karen is a Safe Sport-Fair Sport Advocate; VOICE Ambassador (Voices for Truth and Dignity Combatting Sexual Violence in European Sport through the voices of those affected), Sport England Advisory Panel, Pool of European Experts on Sexual Violence in Sport, Safeguarding Children in Sport Strategic Group Northern Ireland, Choice Theory Facilitator.


  • Behind ShePower Sport are two sport medical professionals, Yoko Dozono and Katharina Grimm. With their combined global sporting background, some of which include Director of Medical affairs at Aspetar, member of Medicine & Science at World Anti-Doping Agency, heading the FIFA medical office, and an international level athlete, they are strong advocates for clean sports and female athletes’ health and rights.