AbouT being a fighter all your life

Speaking out as an athlete, a women, a human being requires courage. It requires stamina—and a very thick skin. No matter how much you believe it to be right, it is a long and hard fight. And one in that you will often find yourself alone. 

Caradh O’Donovan has been a fighter all her life. Fighting comes natural to her, on and off the mat. Here, she shares here thoughts on the enormous challenge of speaking out—and why you need to do it anyway.

She has dedicated herself to defending athlete rights and equality in sport. She is a member of the Global Athlete Start Up Group and an ambassador for Equity Sport. 

Caradh is a former World and European Champion Kickboxer. After a successful career in the sport, she made the switch to Karate where she has since won numerous National Championships. She is  a current member of the Irish Karate Team and has been representing Ireland as an elite athlete for the past two decades. 

Caradh’s lifelong passion for sport transcends everything she does. She attained a Sports Management Degree and a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology. As an accomplished TEDx speaker, she combines her focus on training with work as an athlete mentor and speaking engagements.