It is okay to fail: Ciara Sexton

Do you wonder where to go from here? Are you afraid of starting all over from the bottom? Are you overwhelmed by the task lying ahead?

Failing is better than not trying

Ciara Sexton has been there. As a former Irish dancing professional and five-time World & All-Ireland Champion, she has repeatedly started again. She is familiar with the anxiety and fear that come with doing so. Here, she invites you to do it anyway: “Failing is so much better than not trying.”

In her never-ending quest to find something that sets her soul on fire, she had to find ways to coach herself through the fear of failure, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt. Sleepless nights time and again took over from her dreams.

It is okay to fail

The most important realisation for her was that it is okay to walk away knowing that you have given your best. This insight changed everything. It also taught her to reframe the term “failure” to “Learn a lesson.”

These learnings gave her confidence. They did not make disturbing emotions to go away, but allowed here to own them. And do it anyway.

Ciara has starred as the lead dancer in Riverdance, Heartbeat of Home and in both Lord of the Dance and Lord of the Dance 3D, alongside Michael Flatley, released in cinemas worldwide. She performed on broadway, which is the penultimate aim of every dancer and singer.

Fear is an illusion

It is a trick your mind plays on you. It might creep up again and again if you are trying to  find something that sets your soul on fire. And that’s okay.

We love Ciara’s message. It is clear that helping, inspiring and motivating the next generation of performers and athletes is Ciara’s passion, priority, and purpose. With her illustrious career in dance, as a professional, lead dancer, choreographer, lecturer, television announcer, and presenter for major shows and events throughout the world, she has lots of lessons to share. 


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