Speaker: Amos Guiora, author of ‘Armies of Enablers: Survivor Stories of Complicity and Betrayal in Sexual Assaults’

Join Prof. Guiora at ShePower Sport to learn about the role enablement plays in sexual abuse in sport, the relationship between enabler, perpetrator and survivor, why enablement must be addressed, what is the duty to act, and the related regulatory and legislative changes he suggests for sport and society globally.

Date: February 18, 2021

Time: 14H00 GMT

Located: Online – A Login link will be provided to you prior to the event.

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In his new book, ‘Armies of Enablers: Survivor Stories of Complicity and Betrayal in Sexual Assaults’, Prof. Amos Guiora assembled the stories of sexual assault survivors from USA Gymnastics, Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State among others, with a particular focus on how institutions and individuals allowed the abuse to happen.

In this webinar, Prof. Guiora will share his learnings from personal interviews with survivors to discuss power imbalances between athletes and those in a position to protect them, institutionalized ignorance, and how power structures protect themselves.

“Behind every high-profile sexual assault scandal, there’s an army of people whose decisions helped perpetuate the abuse,” he notes.

About Prof. Amos Guiora

Amos N. Guiora is Professor of Law at the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah. He is actively involved in bystander legislation efforts in Utah and other states. He has published extensively both in the United States and Europe on issues related to national security, limits of interrogation, religion and terrorism, the limits of power, multiculturalism, and human rights.


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